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The aim of well-being coaching is to facilitate a state of clarity and awareness around beliefs and behaviours to create real and measurable improvements in a persons health and well-being. Coaching helps people look at where they are and where they want to be, and then closes that gap.
Coaching is non judgmental and non directional. It works on the premise that we all have the answers inside us. The role of the coach is to help elicit these from you using a series of specific questioning skills.

“We all have the internal resources to have, be or do anything we want.”

Coaching helps people realise their dreams and aspirations, it looks for resistance to understand what might be holding someone back, then works on addressing that resistance and moving the client closer to their dreams or health goals.

Well-being coaching is focused on addressing the 8 elements integral to health. Understanding how these areas could be affecting a persons health, allows for measurable steps to be taken to achieve health, well being, inner peace and happiness.

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