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Do you dream of owning your own business but don’t know where to start?

Dream no more!

Mi Vida Inner Health are proud to give you the opportunity to start your own clinic offering Colonic Hydrotherapy and natural holistic therapies, with full training and support from industry experts.

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Recognised and respected award winning brand
Lead generation tools and exceptional customer referrals
Proven business formula to operate your business
Exceptional training in all areas of the business. Plus ongoing training, mentoring, coaching and support
Exclusive territory
Colonic hydrotherapy training, qualification and equipment provided
3 full days in person business training before you start
Weekly support check-in for the first 3 months, then monthly ongoing support with 121 support calls
Additional training support after 3 months induction period available at a reduced rate
Full training manual provided and lifetime access to training videos
Programmes to support a wide number of client conditions for you to use right away
Franchise WhatsApp support group

Inner Health was founded in 2011 by Ruth Tansey and has continued to help people regain their health ever since. We have gained an excellent reputation in the industry and have recently won an award for the Best IBS Recovery Clinic of the Year 2021 in the Northern Enterprise Awards.

We love working closely with our clients to transform their lives through the multiple benefits of Colonic Hydrotherapy and complimentary therapies. Colonic Hydrotherapy also known as Colonic Irrigation helps to detoxify and re-set the system, supporting health on a deep cellular level.

The body is an amazing self-healing organism which can heal anything if given the right conditions. Joining the award-winning Inner Health family means you’ll be part of a community that’s passionate about helping people understand the benefits of maintaining and improving their inner health.

The complementary and alternative medicine market has witnessed a significant
expansion in its consumer base in recent years owing to the benefits and
philosophies that have the potential to attract customers.

The core philosophies of alternative medicine practices and complementary therapies include high preference to natural products as compared to synthetic ones, avoiding implementation of quick-fix type therapies, ensuring sufficient duration is given for healing, the onset of any illness is attributed to body-imbalance, the body has the ability to heal itself.

Consumers continue to seek out these alternatives because they are dissatisfied in some way with conventional treatment and they see alternative treatments as offering more personal autonomy and control over health care decisions. We believe that natural therapies are the way forward and it seems that consumers agree with us.

Joining the Inner Health team provides a great opportunity to invest in your own business with confidence. With proven success, a user-friendly business model, training, business support, and a trusted and respected name and brand, Inner Health is an excellent opportunity for any business owner. As our franchisee you will offer Colonic Hydrotherapy as your primary treatment, this will then integrate perfectly with your own unique list of complimentary natural therapies. The Inner Health business opportunity is available to those with a background in all areas of natural health and holistic therapy.


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