About Mi Vida Inner Health Clinic

We are a team of dedicated individuals with a passion to help bring health and wellness across the North West.

We offer:

  • A range of Holistic Therapies such as Reiki and Reflexology to re-balance the whole body.
  • Nutrition Therapy to overcome disease and optimise health.
  • Colonic Hydrotherapy also known as Colonic Irrigation to help detoxify and re-set the system, supporting health on a deep cellular level.
  • Wellbeing Coaching to bring about transformational changes to a person mindset and overall health and wellness.
  • Yoga, to help reduce stress, improve resilience, to encourage each individual to experience inner peace.

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The word of our head practioner

Inner Health was founded in 2011 by Ruth Tansey and has continued to help people regain their health ever since.

Our Vision: A health hub focused on nurturing and inspiring health and wellness.

Our Mission: To create and facilitate an environment of health and vitality. To ensure the needs of our clients and students are met to the highest standard. To serve our clients with joy and respect. To nurture and support each client to grow and fulfil their health goals. To facilitate healing, holding precious space for our clients to unfold, allowing time and patience.